The Snorgh and the Sailor


“Outstanding—adventurous and quirky”

Julia Donaldson

Packed full of emotion, this touching story tells how a lonely old creature is transformed when a stranger turns up at his door and starts to tell him a story…The sadness of the Snorgh, the chaos caused when the Sailor turns up, the beauty of the story and how it changes the lives of the two new acquaintances is a lyrical story which is full of action but also leaves much to think about.

Julia Eccleshare on

Buckingham’s language is unapologetically intelligent, while Docherty’s rich, lively drawings breathe fresh, salt air into this engagingly odd couple.

Evening Standard

A poignant and witty story about an unlikely friendship; a surprising journey – and the discovery that we can all do the most amazing things, if we only dare to. Suitable for two to six year olds.

Primary Times

Docherty interprets Buckingham’s characters splendidly, creating a memorable addition to the characters that populate children’s books in the Snorgh, with his graceful arms and legs attached to a pear-shaped hairy body, lash-fringed eyes and grotesque facial appendage…. Matt paper and invitingly designed layout also make this lively narrative a welcome newcomer. Entertainment for readers of all ages.

Books for Keeps

Wonderful characters, warm story with imagination and discussion potential. Would stand repeated reading, and illustrations worth poring over.

Peters Educational Books

Simply written, with a subtleness that adds sophistication to a picture book, Buckingham, who is author of Tindal Street Press’s Cargo Fever, has shown that he has a tender touch… There is just a hint of poignancy in this beautifully illustrated book… and children will love the energy of the sailor who barges into the Snorgh’s life and makes him realise what he’s missing in the big, wide world… It’s a book to treasure.

Jayne Howarth The Birmingham Post

A review of the German edition:

Das Bilderbuch lebt von seinen sehr bunten Illustrationen. Doch auch die Geschichte ist sehr anregend, thematisiert sie doch, dass man allein zwar alles selbst bestimmen darf, in Gesellschaft aber viel glücklicher ist. Zudem wird das Leben als Abenteuerreise gesehen, was die Kinder sehr inspirierend fanden und dieses Thema immer wieder als Anregung für andere freie Spiele gesehen haben. Ich vergebe 4 Sterne.

“This is beetlefull and I lub it”

Rosie & Miranda, aged 4

Two reviews from The Bookseller: Children’s Bookseller’s Choice for April 2012

The Snorgh and the Sailor by Will Buckingham celebrates storytelling in a different but delightful way, as a solitary and grumpy Snorgh is inspired by a sailor washed ashore in the storm. Although set in his ways, the Snorgh’s life is changed forever by the arrival of the enthusiastic, adventure-hungry sailor. This is a charming book that celebrates the power of the imagination and the thrill of adventure, and Docherty’s quirky penmanship creates a truly endearing Snorgh.

Vanessa Lewis, Owner of The Book Nook

In The Snorgh and the Sailor, Will Buckingham offers children opportunities to reflect on the nature of friendship and the importance of relishing adventure and excitement in life. There is lots of fine detail in Thomas Docherty’s action-packed illustrations which bring the two extraordinary creatures to life.

Marilyn Brocklehust, proprietor of the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre

Review of the German Edition

„Rüssel und Hase“ ist ein sehr lebendiges Bilderbuch, dessen Zusammenspiel zwischen Text und Illustration Kinder immer wieder Neues entdecken lässt. Die vielen kleinen Details und die frischen Farben in Thomas Docherty´s Illustrationen erwecken zwei Charaktere zum Leben, die gegensätzlicher nicht sein könnten: Auf der einen Seite der eigenbrötlerische Rüssel und auf der anderen Seite der quirlige, abenteuerlustige Hase. Will Buckingham zeigt Kindern, wie sehr Freunde unser Leben verändern und wie wundervoll es sein kann, mit ihnen zu neuen Ufern aufzubrechen.